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How to Make Chocolate Candy

   Due to your "chocolate addiction”, if you consume more of chocolates or fatty foods, your body releases Serotonin, a hormone that regulates your intestinal functions.  The excess serotonin is useful for the brain to control your appetites, moods and anger.  Hence chocolate eating makes people happy and more energetic.

Scientists reason this "addiction” by stating that the flavor and nutrients of the chocolate are responsible for stimulating your desire and change your moods.  The significant news is you can make chocolates at your home. If you gain mastery in it, you may discover new chocolate candy recipes also.  Hence you should begin learning the terminologies of this process.

Tempering machine is a useful tool use to   temper chocolate melt and more convenient to use.

Cocoa beans is roasted and ground to get cocoa liquor, that contains 53% of cocoa butter, the main ingredient of chocolates.

Chocolate liquor, once cooled and molded, gets hardened and this unsweetened chocolate liquor is the baking chocolate.

Cocoa beans have cocoa butter as its natural fat and this being the basic ingredient to white chocolate, is extracted from chocolate liquor.  Chocolates gain texture and flavor when the butter is added back.

The use of a   machine for tempering can save time and ensure quality product.

The glossy patina of chocolate candies and truffles comes from Couverture, that contains 35% of cocoa butter.

You get cocoa powder for making instant chocolate drinks by dehydrating chocolate liquid without cocoa butter.

35% chocolate liquor is present in bitter or dark chocolate.

Semi-sweet chocolate is 15% chocolate liquor with added sugar.

To make chocolate candy bars, the necessary ingredient is milk chocolate that has chocolate liquor, sugar and milk,in it.

Tempering should necessarily be done because the chocolate gets shine, smoothness and long shelf life.

A double boiler, a mixing bowl, candy molds or baking sheet and a wooden spatula or spoon are required for making chocolates. and the required basic ingredient is white or dark chocolate and optionally, fruit also.

Chocolate is melted in a double boiler and continuous stirring of this mixture with a spatula or wooden spoon is done. Drying of this melted material is done on a baking sheet on in the candy molds or by setting in a freezer.  Fruit is mixed if you want fruit-filled candies.  Air bubbles should not remain in the melted material.

Blotch or crystal formation is prevented, smoothness and shine are given and crystals are evenly distributed by tempering.  Difficulties may arise in tempering in maintaining the specific  temperatures during melting.  If you use a tempering machine, you will not face such difficulties.

Apart from gifting chocolates, you may sell them also to the "addicts” for a good price to earn good money once you have mastered the chocolate making process.
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